You are already experiencing pain. Now get something out of it

Exactly what it says.

Why would you experience pain, and then just stop?

Doing that does two things. 1. Obviously you stop yourself from getting what you are going for. Which 2. means you start to create in your life the habit of stopping when things get too hard.

You might be wondering to yourself. How the hell could one event in your life run all the way into a habit?

Honestly that's where all habits start. It's that first event that gives you the permission to continue. Because it is you who is holding you accountable for your life. There is no one else in this world that would do that.

If you aren't holding yourself accountable for your actions. You will inevitably do anything to continue to be in your comfort zone.

Simple as that.

When you are experiencing pain, and you do opt to turn around. That is an action you will continue to do the rest of your life until you make the decision to something different. Like not turn around, and finish what you have started.

It's the whole "3 feet from gold" scenario. You are already doing the work. When your digging for gold. You're doing the digging. You will never know when you will strike gold. If you did then everyone would have been rich during the gold rush.

So what habit are you creating. Or better yet. What legacy are you leaving.

Think about that for a minute. Especially if you are a parent, or someone that is thinking about becoming a parent. You thoughts, your actions, your decisions are no longer just your own. You now need to think about someone else you are influencing. Someone else that has your name, your DNA.

Everything that you do from this point forth will be echoed by a little version of you. So if you have been hurt, or have hurt others by your actions. Your "mini you" will have witnessed it (even if they weren't even there), and they will copy that behavior.

If you are someone that constantly turns around when the pressure gets too much. That's how your legacy will be.

So now what will the choice be? Will you turn back when it gets too hard, or will you tough it out, and get the reward you deserve for finishing what you started. For going through the pain and coming out on the other-side wiser, braver, and better.

Jonathan Scharinger