You need pain in order to feel pleasure

Man is life confusing, right.

You think you are in a point in your life that is so awesome and amazing. Everything is going right, and barely anything is going wrong. You feel invincible.

And then life happens.

Am I right? you get snapped back to reality. That cloud 9 has been yanked from under your feet and you are free falling.

That is one of the worst feelings I think I have ever had. Just that free fall feeling in my life. Where I didn't think I would recover, and I would hit the ground at a high rate of speed, never to get up again.

But then. Something happens that makes you think and feel like that free fall is just in your mind.

You get a glimpse of hope. You turn your life unto a course correction that could put you back on top of that cloud 9.

But when you eventually look up. You see that things are different. You are in a different land, with different people, doing different things.

I had that awakening when I left the bar scene.

Man it was so much fun. Bouncing, bartending, staying up all night, sleeping all day, partying, and no care in the world.

Then I had to have a care in the world.

After my second drunk driving I finally got serious.

I left the bar scene and it felt like a part of me died. Everything that I knew was gone. The people that I called my friends weren't around. The places I would go were no longer an option. I had to find new hobbies, new people, new places. Basically a new identity.

As scary as that all was, and going through it. Looking back I realized it was just a minor inconvenience to something even better that I never saw coming.

It was an event in my life that helped me to search and find my values. It helped me get direction in my life.

Did it suck at the time? hell yes it did. There were times I wasn't eating. Basically putting myself into a depressed state.

But I sucked it up. I kept crawling forward. One inch at a time. To eventually be where I am today.

And I can tell you, I would have never gotten here if I didn't go through that lose first. It helped create the man that I am, the values that I have, and the love that's in my heart.

So if you are in a free fall. Don't freak out. You will eventually get back on that cloud 9, and when you do it will bring you higher than you ever though possible.