Your pain doesn't break it, it pieces you together🤗

I heard something that really made me stop and say " wow, that is profound."

"Your pain doesn't break it, it pieces you together."

That really hit me. I was like "thats so true."

The challenges we face, the pain we go through. It doesn't define us, it shows us who we truly are.

It's like the saying "It's not the suit that makes the man, its the man that makes the suit."

The suit is just a suit. It has no emotion or attachment. It just is. But the man... YOU! you are something special.

So it goes without saying that whatever happens to you matters. It matters to the point that it is molding you into something greater, something that your potential will lead you to.

You can either run away from that. or you can embrace it.

Now embracing it means you are embracing the pain you are going through and will go through in the future. The pain is the man-maker. It's what separates the boys and the men, the girls and the ladies.

The boys and the girls run from the pain because it hurts.

The men and the ladies act in the face of that pain. They know that ya it frickn sucks, but it is chipping away those rough spots. The pain is your sacrifice being paid to obtain something greater than you currently are.

The pain isn't something that is tearing you apart. It is something that is putting that puzzle piece of you into place to create that gorgeous mosaic that is you.

Again. I want to say this. I want you to read this a couple times.

The pain will suck, but it will be worth it!

It will be worth it.

I would beg you to endure. I would plead with you to get to patience, and grow thick skin. Do anything that you need to do to get through this pain, learn from it and use it to your advantage.

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